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Commercial property insurance is a form of insurance that protects the property owned by your business – your building, equipment, store fixtures, and more. It pays to replace or restore stolen items and items damaged or destroyed by fires, windstorms, and other events.

How property insurance protects your business

Property Insurance is insurance for the items your business owns. If a covered event damages or destroys them, your policy will pay to repair or replace the affected items.

Typically, property insurance covers damage that results from:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Wind-related events
  • Acts of vandalism

Property insurance is often combined with general liability insurance and sold in a package called a Business Owner`s Policy (BOP). You can also buy separate Business Interruption Insurance, or add it via an endorsement to your property insurance policy. This provides cash to cover overhead after property damage makes it impossible to operate from your facility.

Eligibility requirements

Property insurance is widely available in the insurance marketplace. However, insurers won’t provide coverage to every small business. 

First, a business must prove to the insurer that it is a professional and financially responsible firm. 

A business can do this by fulfilling the insurer’s underwriting requirements, which are a combination of facts about the business and information about the company’s prior history of filing property damage insurance claims. Companies that are viewed as inherently risky or that have a track record of suffering frequent property losses may not be able to qualify for coverage, or they may have to pay extra for it.

Who needs property insurance?

Like general liability insurance, property insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance protection. Nearly every business should have this coverage, even those whose business property is primarily electronic in nature.

Companies in the following segments will likely have a strong need for this type of protection:

Building design

Construction and contracting


Food and beverage

Healthcare professionals

Information technology




Personal care

Photo & video

Real estate



How do I find free quotes for property insurance?

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